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This is my first post and this is going to be about a game. _config.yml

Game should consist of: 1) rules of play 2)winning conditions 3)story

My favourite game!

I don’t play video games so my fav game is truth or dare. When we go out with friends we really like playing that game. Rules of this game can be changed, it’s up to people who play. Our playing rules: you need more than one players. The minimum is two players, but we recommend you to have at least 4 players.

To begin this party game all players need to sit into a circle or around the table depends on your situation. All players must feel comfortable and all other people (who don’t play Truth or Dare) should leave a room.

After all players found their places someone (the best if it’s party host) must set out the rules and penalties. If everyone agree – the Truth or Dare game begins. Do not forget that rules and penalties must fit players age and local or global laws. Other way, you and other may have problems.

Now start the game from youngest player or choose other player to be first. The player must choose between Truth and Dare or try random. Truth means a questions about his life, intimate things or other interesting for players question which should be answered without lie. If someone catch player lying the lier gets penalty.

Dare means a funny or hard to do task. It may be sport exercise, eating not delicious food or other. Only one thing, dares must be safe and not risky for people with some problems (for example, diabetes). If dare is not valid for some reasons and all other players agree with that, player could try another dare. There is actually no winner because it is not a competition. Also I know that there are movie and a book (movie isn’t based on a book) about truth or dare (actually they are called “Truth or dare”)

Written on June 22, 2016