Light up your life and life of others!


Once upon in November of 2017, a friend of mine told me about [Technovation Challenge] ( , a competition which aims educating girls through encouraging them to create a mobile application that can help solve social problems.

In 2017, I decided to develop an app ‘iDonor’, a platform, where those who need blood transfusion will have a chance to find one.

This year, I took this challenge really seriously and worked on a real project called ‘LightApp’.

LightApp is a platform, where most active volunteers and organizations with fisrt-class projects meet. The nice thing about it is that volunteers can discover their skills and talents by participating in volunteers project. Just like I did. I was so much inspired by this idea, because after taking part in this project I realized how huge my potential is.

At this moment, even after competition is over and we won the 1st place, we keep on working on it and we’re about to form a company oficially.

Everything is possible for the one who believes, so never give up!

Written on August 1, 2018