Game review of Akinator!


Rules of play: It begins asking a series of questions (as much as required), with “Yes”, “No”, “Probably”, “Probably not” and “Don’t know” as possible answers, in order to narrow down the potential character.If the answer is narrowed down to a single likely option before 25 questions are asked, the program will automatically ask if the character it chose is correct

Winning conditions: If the character is guessed wrong three times in a row, then the program will prompt the user to input the character’s name, in order to expand its database of choices. Then you win.

Story: Akinator is a genie. Genie is a something similar to ghost which can make dreams come true. Game is based on Twenty Questions that attempts to determine which character the player is thinking of by asking them a series of questions. It is an artificial intelligence program that can find and learn the best questions to ask the player. Created by three French programmers.

Written on June 26, 2016