Roles that different developers can take


In the game design each developer plays a big role and it’s difficult to figure out which one is more important, their importance is actually almost equal. There are 5 main developers: producer, designer, engineer, scientist, artist.

Producer is a person who is responsible for resources. In general, the producer is not the “boss” of the people on the game development team, but the “boss” of the game. So while a programmer may answer to a programming director, where matters of the game are involved, they answer to the producer. Producers also earn the second most out of game development positions behaind engineers.

Designer,in general, gives directions to all other developers in the team. They are responsible for communication inside and outside the team as well as making some important decisions.

Engineer is a builder, creator. Designer and engineer can be the same one person, their jobs are quite similar. It is actually really hard to be an engineer and if you have engineering skills you’d rather be engineer than a teacher that’s why number of engineers is not enough. Consequently, engineer is a most paid job.

Scientist is a kind of tester. Testers are often hired as a temporary staff, and they are mostly independent. Being scientist doesn’t need such a deep technical knowledge, for example as an engineer or progammer needs. But it is still difficult.

Artists are creators of visual look of the game. They make make rough sketches of the characters, setting, objects, etc. After all of these are made and game is going to move forward artists bring those sketches to life through graphic design.

Probably that’s it, in general, developers seem to be like that. By the way I defined roles how I understand so your opinion can be different. If you have any question contact me (link in a bio) :)

Written on June 23, 2016