Game review of Tuper Tario Bos!


Hello everyone! Today I did crazy thing: tried 10 different games in one day! So as you see post about one of them is already done! Next several posts are going to be my analysis of some games that I’ve played. I won’t write abut all of the games cause I couldn’t even understand how to play couple of games. I hope you’ll get some new information:)

Rules of play: The game starts the same as Super Mario Bros. with Mario able to walk across the screen, jump up and bump the question mark blocks etc. but shortly after starting, the player encounters a wall too tall for the player to jump over it. Then, a lakitu suggests pressing the space bar, which switches to Tetris mode. The player can stack the Tetris pieces so that he can overcome the obstacles. In the game the player will encounter green warp pipes which drop enemy goombas (walking mushrooms). As in Mario, the goombas walk left and right along the screen

Winning conditions: At the end of the long walk along the screen Mario encounters a flagpole. Going through the flagpole gives a bonus score, but jumping through the top gives a higher score. Once through the flagpole marker Mario encounters a shape which must be filled with tetrominoes within the time of 120 seconds. The blocks must leave no gaps within the shape, but any part of the tetromino outside the shape when it lands just disappears. Whilst the player is trying fill this block, a Mario pipe is moving back and forth across the top of the screen, dropping goombas. The goombas can walk straight through the tetrominoes once they have landed.

Story: Creators wanted to make a tetris based game and combined Super Mario Bos with tetris and here it is, pretty interesting and nice game.

I tried to play it but couldn’t go to the end. I’m not good at playing video games, actually.

Bibliography: link

Written on June 26, 2016